Toasted Wraps with roasted Nori, shreeded Cheese & fried Salmon

To-day I toasted two pieces of soft warps with stattered Shreeded Cheese and wrap them into two with roasted Nori sheets between them.

I microwaved a piece of fried Salmon left over from dinner last night and some Baby Brocolli stired fried with Oysters and green Shallots.

Drizzled some Tabasco Sauce over my fish….loved it!

I cut the warps into triangles with my kitchen scissors and had a nice cup of Twinnings Tea for my simple lunch by myself at home!

Please Visit my site very often and write comments or like them, so it gives me iniciative to do more recipes on this site!

The only reason I cam eback to write on this site, was because I recently checked on it and discovered so many People around the World who attempted to write in English to try to communicate to say lovely things to me!

Thank you All, Appreciative People out there!

Nancy TanToasted wraps with shreded Cheese, roasted Nori sheets & pan-fried Atlantic Salmon.

Nancy Tan

P.S. Close up view:-

Toasted Soft wraps with Nori sheets & pan fried Salmon

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