Tom Yum Fish Soup

Tom Yam Fish

Tom Yam Fish

Above photograph shows my Wok where the Tom Yam Stock was first boiled and simmered for a few minutes before Fish was added to it.


Tom Yam Fish

Tom Yam Fish

This Hot and Spicy, Sweet and Sour Thai Soup as you can imagine is very easy to cook.

Just bring some water to boil and add in some Tom Yam Paste from a bottle into the water.

I have added in too a few Kaffir Lime leaves and some sliced Spanish onions for more flavour!

If you like it Hot! Hot! Hot! just drop in a few sliced chillies or Bird’s Eye Chillies and that will do the Trick for you!

Some like it Firery Hot! Some like it Mild!  You can conjure up any Soup to our own liking in your Kitchen, so please do!

If you have made it too hot for you to enjoy the soup, you can tone it down a little with adding in one or two small cubes of Brown Sugar or Gula Malaka, Coconut Brown Sugar from Malaysia. This Gula Malaka that comes from my Home-town is really Tasty and gives a lovely Coconut aroma to any dish!

No worries, you can use  any type of Brown Sugar from your cupboard, really….. Jaggery! Soft Brown sugar, Raw sugar or even Demerara is O.K. to tone down up the Hotness.  Processed White  sugar is not healthy to use in cooking, and I had stopped using these in my Cooking for decades now!

Demerara is used when serving Coffee and I consider it an expensive commodity to have in the kitchen.

When onions were tender in the Soup, I added in the Fish that I had earlier Scaled and Cleaned properly as described in my previous up-load in this blog. (Please refrer to “Please Scale Fish before you Cook it at Home!.”)  Allow Stock to become come up to a boil with the fish in it for about 5mins. and then simmer it for about ten more minutes depending on its size.  When you see its eye turning Opaque, you know it is done!

Garnish Soup with some chopped Shallots and Chinese Parsley before you dish it out of the Wok.

A Squeeze of Lime Juice would be Excellent for this Soup!!!

Add some Fish Sauce and dish out to serve with other dishes or Steamed Rice!

“Voila!”  Enjoy!

Thank you so much for Visiting my Food Blog!

Please Come Again and Please let your Family members and Friends know who are intersted in Cooking or just Eating!
One-day they may want to attempt to do some Cooking for You!

That would be Great!!!
Nancy Tan

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  1. leo bello says:

    this is awesome recipe and very healthy too….
    keep on posting health great dishes
    you are a culinary icon…..

    1. Nancy says:

      Thank you very much for your kind comments, Leo.
      Much appreciated!

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