Vegetarian Kelp Soup with Mushrooms.

Vegetarian Kelp( seaweed) Mushrooms Soup

Vegetarian Kelp( seaweed) Mushrooms Soup

Once a week on Tuesdays I stick to a vegetarian meal for the whole day! This is what I cooked for myself for a nourishing “entree” Vegetarian soup prior to Vegetarian rice with lots of different nuts cooked with Turmeric powder.

My soup dish is mainly boiled with soaked dried Kelp (seaweed) and soaked Shintake’mushrooms, soaked dried Bean-curd(Haricot Caille Seche) and lots of sliced fresh Ginger!

Added a teaspoon of some vegetarian powder and seasoned the soup to taste with some tasty Brewed Light Soy Sauce. Served with a dash of white ground pepper for that aroma of fragrance to my nostril, as I took my first sip of it!

Lovely simple nourishing soup that I enjoyed, knowing also that I had taken in some natural forms of mineral salts, calsium and some source of vegetable protein for the day, and this is just the “entree” Soup of my Day!

Please Share this with your Family and Friends,and those whom you think do not not include “soups” in their meals at all!

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The Kelp takes a while to become tender, so please bring the soup to simmering point after a good boil.

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