The young Coconut makes a Refreshing Drink!

The wonderful Young Coconut

The wonderful Young Coconut

When I went strolling around Kuala Lumpur on my holidays there, I stopped to buy a drink of this wonderful young Coconut!

This young Coconut provides one with the most Refreshing and Healthy drink with its slightly Sweet and Natural pleasant flavour!
It is rich in Iron and Mineral salts.

When I was young my late Mum told me that the drink can clear Kidney stones.

To my knowledge, shared to me by my Malay friend, the Coconut Tree itself is so useful to the local Malays in Malaysia. The bark of the tree can be inscribe their kids’ birthdate and the palm leaves woven to provide a “cool” roof for wooden houses in the “kampongs” or villages, now sadly replaced with man-made materials! The leaves of the Coconut tree can be woven into little pouches to be filled with raw grains of rice and put to boil to make “Ketupat,” which are little cute pretty parcels containing Traditional Festive Malay Rice, to be served with “Satays,” grilled skewered meat!

The stem of the leaves can be tied together to make “lidi” brooms to effectively sweep the garden compound wherever it is sandy!

The husks of the Coconut were normally used for burning, as fire-wood!

The Coconut flesh itself has so many uses in cooking itself!

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